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CULTURATE Review: Helping Hybrid & Remote Teams Build and Nurture Culture at work

CULTURATE Review: Helping Hybrid & Remote Teams Build and Nurture Culture at work

The rise of hybrid and remote work has propelled organizations to adapt to new working principles and guidelines.

This shift helps create opportunities to ensure that people are working in the best environment, whether it be in the office or remotely. 

But there are challenges facing remote and hybrid employees and startups.

Notable among the challenges of remote and hybrid work are the issues of building and nurturing culture and creating a conducive working environment for employees. 

Culturate is out to solve these challenges.

Let’s find out what the team at Culturate is building and how they plan to tackle culture challenges for hybrid and remote teams.



Culturate is a culture-focused and wellbeing-oriented startup helping hybrid teams of all sizes to build and nurture culture at work. 

CULTURATE is created to assist teams of all sizes in developing, fostering, and maintaining culture at work.


How do you get and use Culturate?

To make it easy for hybrid and remote teams to build culture at work, Culturate is integrated into some of the most popular remote working tools.

As at the time of writing this, the tool was available on Slack (as an add-on). The integrations for Microsoft Teams and Google Hangout are underway according to the company’s website. 


What can you and your team do with Culturate?

Culture is an important component of every team, and Culturate has lots of features to offer.

Celebrate wins and recognize employees

It doesn’t have to be something big. It could be the completion of a tedious job by an employee or just a simple shoutout to a random employee for amazing work. This feature allows you to mention and celebrate an employee or group of employees through Slack. 


Discover the team’s location through color-coding of days

This is how it works: inside the Culturate App, your team members are given the option to color-code their work based on their location. Some may be working from the main office, others from a co-working space nearby, or from home. When this is color-coded based on location, employees can easily schedule get-togethers and meetings with colleagues. 


Group lottery/random watercoolers 

The usual chats over coffee, the unexpected encounter with co-workers by the watercoolers, and small chats during launch are usually not enjoyed by remote or hybrid teams.

This is where Culturate comes in. Inside Slack, the software will randomly pair five or more team members to connect. It will allow you to introduce them to one another, schedule a meeting, and set the frequency (how often) of the meeting. It’s a great way to build relationships at work without forcing it.


Data for decision-making

With Culturate, you can keep track of your team’s location, interactions, and level of engagements. This helps you to make smarter decisions on tasks, delegation, and more. 


Benefits of using Culturate

A team with a strong culture will build a great working environment for all. Here are the benefits of using Culturate:


Optimize your work day: Bring your hybrid teams together while working wherever it suits them best.

Build meaningful connections: The small interactions that occur among team members ultimately boost their output and engagement.

Create a sense of belongingness: Give everyone you work with a simpler way to feel like a member of the team, whether they are in the office or at home, and watch their output increase.

Showcase the power of company culture: By deliberately promoting work meet-ups and after-work activities with public or private hangouts based on locations, you can show off your company culture in every workplace.


Culturate Pricing 

Culturate Pricing