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Immedis Review: Simplify and Streamline Global Payroll for Corporations

Immedis global payroll review

Working with global talent, be they freelancers, full-time employees, or contractors, comes with its own problems. 

One major bottleneck is handling payroll for the many people spread around the world. There are different country laws, regulations, and how employment contracts are handled, including payroll.

This is why UKG acquired Immedis to help build, manage, and run payroll for global-first companies. 

Let’s find out more about Immedis and what it can do for your global team.


Introduction:: What is Immedis? 

In today’s business landscape, managing payroll across multiple countries can be a complex and time-consuming task.

Immedis is a comprehensive payroll management solution that aims to simplify and streamline global payroll processes for businesses of all sizes. With a wide range of features, user-friendly interface, and strong focus on compliance, Immedis provides an effective solution for handling payroll operations worldwide.

Immedis offers an intuitive cloud-based platform designed to help businesses manage their global payroll operations efficiently. It combines advanced technology, automation, and expert support to simplify the payroll process, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timeliness. 

Key Features of Immedis

Immedis global payroll features

Immedis offers a multitude of features to help companies handle global payroll seamlessly. Let’s take a loot at these features and how they can help your company’s global expansion initiative. 

Multi-Country Payroll Solutions

Their Global Payroll platform aims to streamline the complexities involved in handling payrolls across different nations. While the concept is intriguing, its practical implementation will be the true testament to its effectiveness. The platform’s ability to handle diverse tax regulations, employment laws, and reporting requirements will determine its usefulness for global businesses.

One View Connect

Immedis introduces One View Connect, a Software-as-a-Service solution designed to enhance reporting capabilities alongside existing payroll systems. The appeal of real-time reporting and customizable metrics is noteworthy. The true value of this tool is determined by its ability to seamlessly integrate with various payroll setups and provide meaningful insights for payroll decisions.

One View Payments

In response to the challenges of cross-border payments, Immedis presents One View Payments—a secure payment processing solution for global enterprises. While the emphasis on security is promising, its real-world effectiveness hinges on its ability to ensure secure and compliant transactions across different regions. How it addresses currency fluctuations and adheres to international payment regulations will be crucial factors in its success.


Immedis addresses the complex landscape of compliance with solutions tailored to meet country-specific regulations and data protection requirements. The true value of their Compliance solution lies in its adaptability to evolving legal standards. Its ability to simplify compliance complexities and ease the compliance burden for multinational businesses will determine its practical impact.


Immedis offers specialized taxation services to assist businesses in managing global tax regulations. The efficacy of these services will depend on their expertise in handling various tax scenarios. Their ability to minimize risks, optimize tax positions, and provide accurate guidance in the ever-changing tax landscape will be essential in delivering practical value.


Benefits of Using Immedis

Immedis global payroll

Let’s dive deeper into the key benefits of Immedis.

Global Payroll Management 

Immedis enables businesses to centralize their global payroll operations, allowing for seamless coordination and control across multiple countries. The platform supports a wide range of payroll rules and regulations, ensuring compliance with local labor laws, tax requirements, and social security regulations. With Immedis, businesses can easily manage payroll calculations, automate payment processes, and generate accurate payslips for employees worldwide.

Compliance and Reporting 

Compliance is a critical aspect of payroll management, especially when dealing with international operations. Immedis helps businesses stay compliant by automatically applying relevant tax codes, social security rates, and other legislative requirements. 

The platform generates comprehensive reports, including payroll summaries, tax filings, and year-end statements, to assist with regulatory compliance and audit purposes.

Integration and Automation

Immedis integrates seamlessly with various HR and finance systems, allowing for the automatic transfer of data, reducing manual entry and the risk of errors. The platform supports APIs, connectors, and file uploads, enabling smooth integration with existing systems. By automating repetitive tasks, such as data entry, Immedis saves time, minimizes errors, and enhances overall payroll efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface and Navigation 

Immedis features a user-friendly interface designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The intuitive dashboard provides quick access to essential payroll functions, such as employee records, payroll runs, and reporting. 

Data Security and Confidentiality 

When handling sensitive payroll data, security is paramount. Immedis prioritizes data security and confidentiality, employing robust encryption protocols and adhering to strict privacy standards. The platform ensures that payroll data is protected against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks. With Immedis, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their payroll information is secure.

Customer Support and Training 

Immedis provides excellent customer support and comprehensive training resources to help businesses maximize the benefits of the platform. Their dedicated support team is readily available to assist with any inquiries or issues that may arise. Additionally, Immedis offers training sessions, webinars, and documentation to help users understand and leverage the platform effectively.

Summary of the Benefits Offered By Immedis

  • Simplifies global payroll management by centralizing operations.
  • Ensures compliance with local tax and labor regulations.
  • Offers seamless integration with existing HR and finance systems.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.
  • Robust data security measures for confidential payroll information.
  • Excellent customer support and comprehensive training resources.
  • Competitive and flexible pricing plans.

Final Verdict – Wrapping up

Unlocking Global Payroll Efficiency With its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and robust support, Immedis offers a powerful solution for managing global payroll operations. 

The platform simplifies complex payroll tasks, enhances compliance, and streamlines reporting. While some advanced features may require customization and certain localizations might be limited, Immedis overall provides an efficient and reliable solution for businesses seeking to optimize their global payroll processes. 

By choosing Immedis, organizations can unlock increased efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in their global payroll management.