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inFeedo Review: People Advisory Science & AI to Elevate Employee Engagement

inFeedo: Put employees at the heart of your business with AI

What’s the point of hiring the world’s best talent if you can’t keep them? This is why employee engagement is an important ingredient to companies looking to keep their best talent. 

But it has never been easy keeping people from diverse backgrounds engaged at all time. Turns out inFeedo is using people science advisory and artificial intelligence to make employee engagement exciting.

Here, we take you through the ins and outs of inFeedo and how to leverage it for employee growth in your corporation or startup.


What is InFeedo

inFeedo AI hr tech

InFeedo, a cutting-edge AI-driven platform, is revolutionizing the way businesses approach employee engagement and retention. 

By harnessing the power of GPT-4 and scientific people-research, InFeedo places employees at the heart of your business, allowing you to predict attrition, boost performance, and create a thriving work environment.


Products and Solutions: Pioneering Employee-Centric Solutions

To make employee engagement as seamless as possible, inFeedo has in place some exceptional features. 

Let’s take a look at these employee-centric solutions for the forward-thinking organization. 

Attrition Prediction Platform: Averting Disengagement

The Attrition Prediction Platform by InFeedo stands as a shield against disengagement. In real-time, AI and predictive analytics work seamlessly to forecast potential attrition, giving you the opportunity to intervene and take strategic actions. 

The value of attrition prediction cannot be understated, as it leads to reduced turnover rates, improved employee retention, and the cultivation of a more stable and productive workforce.

HR Chatbot: Your AI-Powered HR Ally

By harnessing AI and analytics, this tool brings engagement processes into future standards. It empowers HR teams to plan, analyze, and execute world-class people strategies, revolutionizing how employee interactions and support are delivered.

eNPS Survey: Uncover Advocates and Drive Transformation

Turning disengaged employees into advocates is no longer a challenge with InFeedo’s eNPS survey. Seamlessly blending with your employee listening program, this survey uncovers insights that aid in attracting new talent, retaining top performers, and driving action. 

The power of this tool lies in its ability to reveal whether employees are advocates or detractors and guiding actionable changes to enhance engagement, performance, and tenure.


Employee Exit Survey: The Power of AI Insights

The Employee Exit Survey from InFeedo simplifies the process of understanding the real reasons behind exits. Through AI and analytics, impactful insights are derived, aiding in improving retention and fine-tuning employee experiences.

Amber: The Chief Listening Officer

Amber, the Conversational AI-powered Chief Listening Officer, addresses employee concerns at scale. With empathy, context, and understanding of intent, Amber resolves concerns, amplifying engagement and fostering a supportive work environment.


Benefits of InFeedo: Unlocking Employee Potential

InFeedo’s array of solutions goes beyond the ordinary, unlocking the full potential of your employees. 

By seamlessly blending AI technology, data-driven insights, and expert consultancy, InFeedo empowers businesses to create a dynamic and engaging workplace that nurtures talent, drives performance, and fosters lasting success.

Employee Engagement: Nurturing Performance

InFeedo empowers businesses to understand employees and accelerate performance. Continuous feedback collection, personalized 1:1 interactions, attrition prediction through AI analytics, and feedback resolution with generative AI combine to create an environment conducive to growth and engagement.

Instant Employee Support: Boosting eSAT

By rapidly resolving employee queries, InFeedo’s solutions enhance employee satisfaction (eSAT). 

Through automation, HR and IT departments save up to 60% bandwidth. The integration of GPT-4, smart escalations, and intelligent ticketing streamlines processes, from FAQs to approval workflows.

People Analytics: Insights for Informed Decisions

InFeedo provides a unified view of company health through comprehensive people analytics. Understanding what motivates employees to stay and predicting potential attrition enables informed decision-making. 

Custom watchlists for high performers, automated reports, and highlighted trends offer a comprehensive perspective.

People Science Advisory

InFeedo offers expert consultancy through a research-backed EX framework. With a panel of HR leaders and I/O psychology experts, businesses gain access to invaluable guidance to address real challenges and enhance employee experiences.

World-Class Security and Seamless Integration

InFeedo takes data privacy seriously, adhering to GDPR and ISO compliance. This ensures the utmost security for your data. Additionally, the platform effortlessly integrates with HRMS platforms, communication tools, and Business Intelligence tools, ensuring a seamless implementation process.




inFeedo Pricing & Plans

Starter Plan:

The Starter plan offered by inFeedo is designed with small teams in mind, making it ideal for businesses looking to enhance employee engagement while benefiting from premium features. This plan is a great starting point for organizations that want to improve their employee experience without committing to a more comprehensive solution. The Starter plan provides access to key engagement-enhancing features to foster a positive workplace environment.


  • Premium engagement features
  • Suited for small teams
  • Basic insights and analytics
  • Entry-level employee engagement solutions

Pro Plan:

The Pro plan offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to revolutionize their entire people strategy from end to end. This plan goes beyond basic engagement features and dives into reimagining how organizations manage their employees’ experiences. It’s suited for companies that recognize the importance of a holistic approach to employee engagement and retention.


  • Complete people strategy transformation
  • Holistic employee engagement solutions
  • Comprehensive insights and analytics
  • Suitable for mid-sized to large teams
  • Customizable to various people needs

Advanced Plan:

The Advanced plan is tailored to meet the complex needs of enterprises, catering to large organizations with intricate people-related challenges. This plan is designed to tackle multifaceted requirements and provide robust solutions that address diverse issues across a sizable workforce. With advanced features and capabilities, this plan offers a higher degree of customization and scalability.


  • Tailored solutions for complex people needs
  • Enterprise-level engagement solutions
  • Advanced insights and analytics
  • Highly customizable to address intricate challenges
  • Designed for large teams and enterprise-grade requirements

Please note that the pricing for these plans is not provided here and would require you to “Get in touch” with inFeedo to learn more about the specific costs associated with each plan.

Each of these plans aims to leverage the power of AI and scientific people-research to improve employee engagement, predict attrition, and boost overall employee performance.

Businesses can choose the plan that aligns with their size, goals, and complexity of people-related challenges, ensuring they get the most out of inFeedo’s platform.


Wrapping up: A Positive Leap in Employee Engagement

InFeedo’s innovative AI solutions empower businesses to enhance employee engagement, predict attrition, and make informed decisions.

With a diverse suite of tools designed to foster a supportive and productive work environment, InFeedo is leading the way toward a future where employees truly thrive.