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Anyplace raises $5.3M to provide a home (office) away from home

Anyplace raises $5.3M

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In this era of remote work, people want as much flexibility as possible to live where they want, when they want.

It’s no surprise that we’ve seen a flurry of startups emerge to give people more options for long-term stays. Anyplace is one such startup. A self-described “digital nomad,” Satoru Steve Naito says he co-founded San Francisco-based Anyplace in 2017 because he wanted the product for himself.

True to its name, Anyplace began its life as a marketplace that gives people the option to book hotels or rentals for 30 days or more nearly anyplace they want to. That marketplace today is across over 60 countries in more than 450 cities. And now, the startup is moving into an operator role with its latest product, Anyplace Select, which is designed for remote workers and corporate travelers to be able to work from anywhere with furnished apartments that include a “fully equipped” home office.

As the pandemic has raged on and offices continue to be shut down, more people have had the flexibility to move around like never before. Anyplace launched Select last year in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and San Diego, and achieved a $1 million run rate within seven months of its launch, according to Naito, who serves as the company’s CEO. Monthly revenue growth of the Select offering is over 50% on average and, as of this month, its occupancy rate is over 90%.



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