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Five Remote Work Tips For Digital Nomads

Five Remote Work Tips For Digital Nomads

Five Remote Work Tips For Digital Nomads

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1. Create a routine around your work schedule: If you run a team or department, you likely have to have overlap with others’ hours. This could mean either waking up earlier than usual or starting work later than normal. Carve out work shifts that suit both you and your teammates to make the fact that you’re not there physically as seamless as possible. Then communicate the shifts clearly.

2. Prioritize wellness: Working from anywhere doesn’t mean forgoing habits that positively impact your health. Getting outside, meditating or practicing yoga on that travel mat you packed can do wonders—especially in a new location.

3. Protect your investment: Insurance seems to have a bad rap of not being “sexy” or approachable. But as we know, the most well-planned moments can go awry. For your next adventure, explore the budding, tech-driven travel insurance solutions that have entered the scene. (Full disclosure: My company offers one.) And if you have an apartment you’re renting at home, make sure that’s insured while you’re away. Companies like Lemonade offer renters insurance.

4. Explore in your off hours: Check out a funky bakery in the morning, go on a short walk over your lunch break, and explore the sights after hours. Fill up your weekend with new experiences and come Monday, you’ll likely be rested, renewed and ready to work.

5. Practice flexible booking habits: For peace of mind, book flexible airline tickets and accommodations with free cancellation options and no prepayment requirements.

Above all, don’t apologize for being great at what you do—wherever you may be.




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