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How Work-From-Home Setups Have Changed

How Work-From-Home setups have changed

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How Work-From-Home setups have changed

Hybrid or remote work is settling in as a permanent reality for millions. Their setups and technical skills can still feel like a temporary solution.

It’s been almost 28 months since offices shut down and millions of people started working from home. More than enough time to buy a ring light, hang some art on the walls and figure out the mute button. But as is clear to Claude Taylor, co-creator of the Twitter account Room Rater, which scores video call backgrounds, that is not what has happened.

“You’re not going to do well,” he warned me, spying my spare and dimly lit walls over Zoom. “You have to put up some artwork. Slap a big frame there!”

Mr. Taylor rated my video backdrop a three out of 10, though he softened the blow with a word of caution: “The whole thing is just a schtick,” he said. “We’re not interior decorators. We just pretend to be on Twitter.”



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