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Home » News » Rio de Janeiro: The “Marvellous City” welcomes digital nomads

Rio de Janeiro: The “Marvellous City” welcomes digital nomads

Rio de Janeiro: The "Marvellous City" welcomes digital nomads

Excerpt from BBC.COM

Rio de Janeiro, a colourful urban sprawl divided by forest-covered mountains and edged by golden coastlines, has long seduced international tourists with its samba-fuelled nights and spectacular landscapes. Now, the “Marvellous City”, as it’s known by Brazilians, is enticing a new type of traveller with its Digital Nomad Visa, which was launched across the country last year.

The local government has been pushing ahead with investments to make the city increasingly suitable for remote workers, including improving connectivity with citywide 5G coverage. An emerging coffeehouse scene also brings new working spots and a digital nomad vibe to Rio’s popular beachside areas, with modern cafes equipped with fast internet, contemporary brunch options and a variety of decent coffee.


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But it’s not all about the grind. Rio-born Cariocas cherish playing sports, being in nature and socialising after working hours, and it’s this work-life balance that makes Rio so appealing to digital nomads over other Brazilian cities. “Unlike São Paulo, Brasília and Belo Horizonte, Rio has both big-city amenities and amazing beaches, hiking and other outdoor attractions,” said Janeesa Hollingshead, a North American digital nomad who has been living in Rio for a year.