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SoWork Review: Building Virtual Workspaces for Remote Teams

SoWork digital workspace for remote teams

This is yet another remote work tool review. 

SoWork, like many other digital HQ and virtual office tools, is building the features remote teams need to do their best work. Here’s a comprehensive review of what SoWork is building, its features, and more. 


Table of Content

  1. The Importance of digital HQs and virtual workspaces
  2. What is SoWork – a virtual workspace
  3. Features of SoWork – Virtual Office 
  4. SoWork’s Virtual Event Features and Themes
  5. SoWork’s Different Pricing Options
  6. Why You Should Use SoWork as a Remote Team

Let’s dive in.




The Importance of digital HQs and Virtual Workspaces

In an era of remote work, digital HQs and virtual workspaces have become vital for organizations. 

They help to foster collaboration, engagement, and productivity among remote teams.

As online hubs, digital HQs and virtual workspaces also provide a virtual representation of physical offices, offering features like chat channels, video conferencing, file sharing, and task management tools. 

And they are working for many remote teams.

By leveraging digital HQs, remote teams are overcoming distance challenges, maintaining company culture, and facilitating real-time collaboration. 

These virtual workspaces also enable global teamwork and promote work-life balance.

SoWork understands the challenges of remote work and recognizes the importance of creating digital HQs to bring remote teams together. 


What is SoWork

SoWork is a platform dedicated to building online workspaces that cater to the needs of modern remote teams. 

It provides a virtual office space where remote teams can collaborate effectively, streamline communication, and maintain a strong company culture.

SoWork achieves this through robust features, from video recordings and screensharing to teammates insights, badges & achievements, and virtual offices.



Features of SoWork

Packed with an array of powerful features, SoWork provides a virtual office environment that fosters seamless communication, enhances productivity, and brings remote teams closer than ever before. Here are its great features.

1. Fluid Video

SoWork offers a seamless video communication feature that allows users to connect instantly with available teammates. You can use this to hold both scheduled meetings and spontaneous collaborations, providing a fluid and efficient way to engage with colleagues remotely.

2. Smarter Meetings

With the help of AI, SoWork simplifies the meeting process by automatically generating meeting notes, summaries, action items, and decisions made. 

This feature eliminates the need for follow-up meetings about meetings, enhancing productivity and ensuring that valuable information is captured and shared effectively.

3. Company culture, virtually

SoWork’s MapMaker tool empowers users to customize their virtual office space to reflect their team’s unique culture. Users can choose from templates to quickly set up their office or have complete control over the details. 

4. Video recordings for team meetings: 

SoWork allows you to record your team meetings, making it convenient to review discussions, share with absent teammates, or refer back to important points later on.

5. Screensharing

With SoWork, you can easily share your screen during meetings, presentations, or collaborative sessions. Easily help your team to see what you’re working on and facilitate effective communication and collaboration.

6. Teammates Insights: 

SoWork provides insights about your teammates, giving you valuable information about their availability, status updates, and preferences. 

7. Badges & Achievements: 

SoWork offers badges and achievements to recognize and celebrate accomplishments within your team. It adds a fun and motivational element to the virtual workspace, encouraging productivity and team spirit.



Virtual Event Features of SoWork

SoWork virtual events

When hosting a virtual event at SoWork, you have the option to choose from a variety of event types that cater to different themes and atmospheres. Here is a summary of these themes. 

1. Science Lab

This event theme offers a nostalgic and fun atmosphere, perfect for themed events that bring back high school memories. It provides a unique setting for interactive and engaging activities.

2. Tiki Bar

Transport your attendees to an island paradise with the Tiki Bar event space. It’s an ideal choice for hosting lively and vibrant gatherings. This helps in providing a tropical ambiance that encourages relaxation and celebration.

3. Iconic Library

If you’re looking for a more studious and intellectual setting, the Iconic Library is an excellent choice. It adds a touch of sophistication to your virtual event, creating an environment conducive to learning, discussions, and presentations.

4. Modern Office

The Modern Office event space is designed for dynamic and collaborative events. It’s well-suited for hosting hackathons, brainstorming sessions, or open office hours. 

5. Open Concept Office

For larger events and conferences, the Open Concept Office provides ample space, including an outdoor area and a dedicated library. 

6. Auditorium

The Auditorium is perfect for hosting speaker sessions, panel discussions, or academic-style events. It offers a classic and professional setting, enhancing the delivery of presentations.

7. Spaceship

Take your virtual event to new heights with the Spaceship event space. It provides an immersive and futuristic environment, allowing you to create an out-of-this-world adventure for your guests.

By selecting a specific event type, SoWork adjusts its features and settings to suit the chosen theme, providing a tailored virtual environment that enhances the overall experience and atmosphere of your event. Whether you’re aiming for nostalgia, relaxation, productivity, or innovation, SoWork offers diverse event options to make your virtual gathering unique and engaging.



SoWork’s Different Pricing Options 


SoWork offers three distinct pricing plans for the virtual office features to cater to the diverse needs of remote teams:

SoWork virtual office plans

1. The Free Plan: 

Designed for small teams on a budget, the Free Plan allows users to access the basic functionalities of SoWork’s virtual office services without any cost. It includes features such as 

  • Unlimited teammates and 
  • The ability to create offices of any size. 
  • However, there are limitations on meeting length (30 minutes) and 
  • The availability of basic and premium features. 
  • Support is also limited for the Free Plan.


2. The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is suitable for teams that are focused on getting work done efficiently. Priced at $4.00 per user per month, it includes all the features of the Free Plan and unlocks additional benefits. These benefits encompass unlimited meeting length, full support, and a 15% discount on DLC (Digital Life Coach) services. With the Basic Plan, teams can take advantage of extended meeting times and receive comprehensive support from SoWork.


3. The Premium Plan

Tailored for hyper-efficient teams, the Premium Plan provides advanced features to enhance productivity and collaboration. Priced at $8.00 per user per month, it includes the following:

  • All the features of the Free and Basic Plans, along with several exclusive functionalities.
  • Users on the Premium Plan can access meeting recordings, 
  • Get meeting summaries, 
  • Access to the Meeting Library (Codex) 
  • View Team Connection Insights
  • Broadcast capabilities. 
  • Receive priority support and enjoy a substantial 30% discount on DLC services.



SoWork’s Event Pricing Plans 

SoWork offers four event pricing options for team gatherings and special occasions, providing a comprehensive solution for hosting memorable and engaging events. 

The pricing structure is simple and straightforward, with different rates based on the duration of the event and the number of participants. The event pricing details outline the following options:

1. First 20 teammates free

To kickstart the event experience, the first 20 teammates can attend the event for free, adding an element of excitement and inclusivity.

2. 2 hours – $3/person

For shorter events or gatherings, SoWork offers a competitive rate of $3 per person for a 2-hour duration. With this option, you and your team can come together, enjoy collaborative activities, and connect in a virtual environment without breaking the budget.

3. 4 hours – $6/person

For events that require a longer timeframe, the 4-hour option is available at a rate of $6 per person. This option provides more extensive opportunities for team bonding, engagement, and interactive experiences within the virtual event space.

4. 24 hours+ – $10/person

For more extended events that span 24 hours or longer, SoWork offers a rate of $10 per person. This is for large-scale team events, conferences, or situations where teams require an immersive virtual environment for an extended period.


Why Remote Teams Should Use SoWork

  • Enhanced Collaboration: SoWork provides a centralized platform where remote teams can collaborate effectively, fostering communication, idea sharing, and teamwork regardless of geographical barriers.
  • Improved Engagement: By creating a virtual workspace that represents the team’s culture, SoWork helps remote teams maintain a strong sense of connection and belonging. This promotes employee engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and retention.
  • Streamlined Communication: SoWork’s features, such as fluid video communication and AI-generated meeting notes, streamline communication processes within remote teams. With this feature, your team can help reduce misunderstandings, enhances clarity, and saves time by eliminating the need for repetitive discussions.
  • Increased Productivity: With efficient meeting management and a well-organized virtual office, SoWork helps remote teams stay focused on their work. By minimizing distractions and providing the necessary tools for collaboration, the platform supports remote employees in maximizing their productivity.
  • Strong Company Culture: SoWork understands the importance of company culture and offers customizable features to reflect each team’s unique values and identity. This promotes a sense of belonging and alignment with the organization’s mission, which are very important elements in the remote work setting.



Conclusion – final verdict on SoWork

Sowork presents itself as a valuable platform for remote teams. It achieves this by offering a range of features designed to enhance collaboration, communication, productivity, and company culture in a virtual work space.