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Lano review - global payroll, eor, and contractor management

While hiring and managing remote teams across borders is becoming the new norm, companies are facing a host of challenges ranging from legal compliance to payroll intricacies. 

These issues, spanning employment laws, taxes, and HR administration, have propelled the need for comprehensive solutions. 

This is where Lano comes in, a game-changing platform that offers a streamlined approach to tackling these complexities, making it a one-stop-shop for companies seeking tools for hiring and paying remote workers globally.

In this review, I’m taking you through Lano and what you can do with it as a company or startup looking to hire talent around the world. 

What is Lano: Simplified Global EOR and Payroll Software

Lano emerges as an all-encompassing platform designed to address the intricacies of employing remote workers in over 170 countries. 

The platform’s mission is straightforward yet ambitious – to provide businesses with the means to onboard and pay their global workforce while staying entirely compliant. 

Lano acts as a reliable EOR & payroll partner in navigating the global employment laws, enabling organizations to focus on talent acquisition while leaving the complexities of compliance, payroll, taxes, benefits, and HR administration in capable hands.

Features of Lano: A Comprehensive Approach to Remote Work Management

Lano is a powerful tool that can help businesses to manage their remote work operations more effectively. It offers a wide range of features that can help businesses streamline their remote work operations, including:

1. Employment of Record (EOR) Services 

Lano’s Employer of Record (EOR) service is a standout feature, alleviating the challenges of hiring and onboarding employees worldwide. 

By circumventing the need for establishing new legal entities and navigating local laws independently, businesses can embrace a seamless global hiring process. 

The platform’s network of local employment experts ensures locally compliant contracts and country-specific benefits, reassuring both employers and employees that they’re well-supported and compliant.

2. Contractor Management: Building Dream Teams across Borders 

Hiring international contractors has never been more accessible than with Lano’s Contractor Management feature. 

The platform’s localized contracts safeguard businesses from risks and unnecessary costs while streamlining invoices and payouts. 

With a digital wallet for multi-currency payments, contractors can effortlessly manage their finances. 

The tool’s emphasis on compliance and smooth payments empowers organizations to build flexible, international dream teams while maintaining adherence to global regulations.

3. Global Payroll: A Consolidated Approach to Payroll Operations 

One of Lano’s standout offerings is its Global Payroll solution, which offers a cohesive platform to manage payroll operations across different entities and providers. 

Boundless Payroll includes features such as consolidated global reporting, automated payroll changes, and quick approval cycles. The tool not only slashes spreadsheet chaos but also simplifies cross-border payments, ensuring frictionless global payroll management.

4. Global Payments with the Lano Wallet: Facilitating Remote Teams’ Salary Payments 

The Lano Wallet revolutionizes the way businesses pay their international team members. 

Enabling payments in 50+ currencies and offering free local payments across 170+ countries, the wallet obliterates the need for multiple bank accounts. 

With the ability to send bulk payments and transfer funds between subsidiaries effortlessly, Lano empowers organizations to navigate international finance securely and cost-effectively.

How Lano Works: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success 

Lano’s operational flow ensures simplicity from start to finish. From estimating hiring costs and signing globally compliant contracts to onboarding new employees swiftly and streamlining invoices and payments, the platform’s step-by-step approach ensures a hassle-free experience for businesses of all sizes.

  1. Evaluate Your Hiring Costs: Estimate the cost of making a new hire effortlessly using Lano’s compliance-first platform. Request an employee quote to get a comprehensive understanding of potential expenses.
  2. Sign a Globally Compliant Contract: Sign Lano’s Global contracts for your initial hire. Review and accept the specifics of your newly onboarded employee, ensuring adherence to global compliance standards.
  3. Efficient Onboarding of New Employees: Collaborate with Lano and your new employee to expedite their integration into the company. Familiarize yourself with the Lano platform, which plays a pivotal role in simplifying the onboarding process.
  4. Streamline Invoices and Payments: With just a few clicks, Lano’s platform simplifies your invoice and payment operations for all employees. Centralize these processes under one roof, saving time and resources while maintaining accuracy and compliance.

Other Great Tools from Lano: Enhancing Remote Workforce Management 

Beyond its core features, Lano offers additional tools to streamline workforce management. 

1. Employment Cost Calculator:

This helps teams to gain quick insights into the cost of hiring for specific roles in different countries. This tool empowers businesses to make informed decisions by comparing hiring costs across various locations.

2. Compliant Quote Request:

With this tool, startups and companies hiring remote talent can ensure that their hiring details align with local regulations before presenting a contract to a candidate. This feature guarantees that the offered terms are compliant, minimizing legal risks during the hiring process.

3. Salary Management Simplified:

Lano’s platform seamlessly handles various salary components such as bonuses, travel expenses, and sick leave. This tool ensures that every paycheck is accurate and reflects the employee’s entitlements, enhancing transparency and efficiency.


Why Use Lano: The Convincing Factors

From seamless integration capabilities to a unified platform for global scaling, streamlined payment processes, expert local advice, and smooth cross-border employee relocation, Lano presents a suite of benefits that cater to the multifaceted needs of modern businesses. 

Let’s delve into the factors that distinguish Lano as an indispensable asset in the intricate world of global workforce management.

Integrations: Boosting Efficiency with Seamless Connectivity 

Lano’s integration capabilities stand out, allowing organizations to connect their entire payroll and HR tech stack seamlessly. By syncing with existing systems, the platform maximizes efficiency and data accuracy.

One Platform for Global Scaling 

Lano’s single platform approach simplifies global team management, ensuring smooth payroll and compliance processes across borders. This feature proves invaluable as companies aim to scale their operations globally.

Streamlined Global Payments 

The platform’s emphasis on local currency payments ensures that businesses can pay employees and contractors wherever they are, reducing complexities associated with international transactions.

Access to Expert Local Advice 

Lano doesn’t just provide software; it offers a network of local experts who guide businesses in ensuring that remote team members enjoy proper legal registration and statutory benefits in their respective regions.

Seamless Cross-Border Employee Relocation 

With Lano, relocating employees across borders is no longer a daunting task. The platform provides guidance and solutions to ensure compliant relocations, ensuring a seamless transition for both employees and organizations.

Final Verdict: Revolutionizing Global Workforce Management

Lano emerges as a powerful solution for companies seeking tools for managing distributed workforces, complying with global employment laws, and simplifying international payroll. 

With its comprehensive suite of features, including Employer of Record services, Contractor Management, Global Payroll, and the Lano Wallet, the platform stands as a beacon in a complex global workforce.

Its focus on integration, compliance, and employee experience solidifies its position as a go-to platform for companies navigating the intricacies of remote team management and global expansion.