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Udemy Courses to become a no-code guru – Build Web 3.0 Apps & Automate Tasks

Best Udemy Courses to become a no-code guru - Build Web 3.0 Apps, Automate Processes, and launch voice applications.

Best Udemy Courses to become a no-code guru - Build Web 3.0 Apps, Automate Processes, and launch voice applications.

No-code platforms are championing an entirely new way of building and launching software. Marketers, content managers, and entrepreneurs who cannot code are now able to conceptualize, build, and bring a product to the market in a short time with no-code. 


While some no-code tools are easy to learn, others are a little complex and would need a few hours to get things right.

Here are 10 of the best Udemy courses that will teach you not just how to use these no-code platforms, but also how to conceptualize products, design, build, and fine-tune to meet the needs of your customers.

You’ll learn to automate, build web 3.0 products, and launch apps in a matter of days. 


The Bubble Beginners Bootcamp  – Visual Programming

If you want to learn the ins and outs of visual programming, building with Bubble, which is one of the best and most popular no-code platforms out there, and understand the no-code industry, then this is a course you will pick a lot from. Taught by Gregory John and Buildcamp, this 10+ hours course will take you from a beginner to a PRO no-code developer in the shortest possible time.


The Complete ‘No Code’ Developer Course: Build 23 Projects – (all-round course)

You are supposed to be a no-code guru with lots of experience and knowledge after this 9.5 hours course. With a certificate of completion, assignments, and lots of resources, this is an excellent course to turn you into a no-code programmer.  At the end of the course, students will build about 23 different projects, from tools to scrape data from the internet, automate workflows, and membership websites to building voice apps for Amazon Alexa and working with APIs. This is one of the most comprehensive, all-around courses on no-code that will teach you different tools, from Zapier, Parabola, and Obviously AI to VoiceFlow, Carrd, and Figma.


How to build Web 3.0 apps with No-code?

Want to become part of the people building the future of Web 3.0? This is the course to explore how no-code can help you build and run tools in the NFT, DeFi, DAOs, and Social Tokens space. It’s a 2-hour course that will take you through the ins and outs of the Web 3.0 industry and how to use Bubble to get started building your own tools. 


The Complete ‘No Code’ Automation Course: Build 18 Projects

If you love automation and would love to build systems that make work faster and processes easier, this is the course for you. From automatically populating a database to creating social media schedulers, this 3.5 hour course is an excellent learning resource for anyone looking to learn how to build and run atuomations with Zapier, Parabola, Airtable, and more. 


Airtable – The Complete Guide to Airtable – Master Airtable

Synchronize just about any process or workflow by learning one of the most powerful and widely used no-code tool out there: Airtable. This course will teach you to use Airtable to manage your project’s data, views, flows, create visualizations, build and automate workflows, and collaborate on a higher level. 


Build Mobile Apps Without Coding – The Complete Guide 

This is a course that will teach students to build mobile applications, from zero to done. Assignments, 9 hours of video content, and excellent course resources will guide students through building apps with one of the most popular no-code app builders, Glide. Students will also get to build a clone of popular dating platform Tinder while learning more about the no-code app development industry in general.