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How Deel’s Global Payroll Makes Hiring International Talent a Breeze

At this point, many of us have agreed that remote, hybrid, or the new ways of working have come to stay. 

And what’s left for us to do as organizations is to embrace the challenges that come along. 

However, regardless of how good we feel about remote work, there’s one challenge, among others, that we must confront if we want to succeed at this new way of working: Payroll.

Global payroll is such a complex topic, especially if you’re dealing with it in-house or if you don’t find the right agency to work with. 

This is where Deel’s global payroll platform comes in.

Deel’s Global Payroll services is a perfect solution for teams, from a 2-team remote-first startup to a conglomerate with 10,000+ global employees. 

In this post, I want to take you on a journey to discover how Deel is helping hundreds of startups and companies with its state-of-the-art global payroll services, and why it’s a necessary service if your aim is to stay compliant while hiring global talent. 

Table of Content 

1. How Deel’s Global Payroll Makes Hiring International Talent a Breeze

2. The reality of global payroll

3. What is Deel?

4. What are the Global Payroll Services offered by Deel?

  • Wage and Salary Calculation
  • Employee Benefits and Deductions
  • Local Filing with Authorities
  • Tax Payments (Where Applicable)
  • Payslip Creation and Delivery
  • Localized Contracts and Documents
  • Compliant Onboarding and Offboarding

5. Global Payroll Compliance Checklist

6. Benefits of Using Deel as your Global Payroll Partner

  • Running Payroll Seamlessly Across 100+ Countries
  • Guidance from In-House Payroll Experts
  • Responsive Support for Uninterrupted Operations
  • A Holistic Payroll Experience
  • Empowering Decision-Making with Global Analytics
  • Streamlined Payroll Reports and Integrations

7. Other Services by Deel besides Global Payroll


The reality of global payroll

The reality is, managing global payroll has always been a complex challenge to tackle.

Once you make the decision to hire talent from around the world as a business, you step into a realm of multiple hurdles, with payroll administration and management being a top-most priority to tackle.

When it comes to global payroll, there are a number of challenges to overcome, including:

  • Localizing your payroll processes to meet the specific requirements of each country. 
  • Navigating through differing tax regulations, 
  • Ensuring compliance with various employment laws, 
  • Understanding diverse social security structures, and 
  • Keeping track of fluctuating currency exchange rates.

Your operations could get scary when you realize that each of these challenges represent a unique puzzle piece that must work for the larger payroll framework to function well. 

And that would require an enormous amount of resources in-house to make it work – looking at the complexities of global payroll, you may need more resources than what you use to manage your own operations.

In most cases, or probably in all cases, the investment of time, resources, and expertise required to manage global payroll in-house often outweigh the benefits

Using local providers for your global payroll

What’s recommended for organizations to do?

Ultimately, enlisting a service provider, thus outsourcing your global payroll needs is a prudent choice for many organizations. 

And of course, this changes a lot: 

Instead of scratching your brains and resources to learn the new ropes of global payroll and different country-specific laws, you can now entrust these arduous tasks to the professionals who already have the entities, the expertise, and resources to make it happen. 

This is where Deel’s global payroll services come in. 

What is Deel?

Deel is a global compliance and payroll solution that helps businesses hire anyone, anywhere. Deel’s technology offers unmatched payroll, HR, compliance, perks, benefits, and other capabilities needed to hire and manage a global team.

Founded in 2018, Deel has rapidly evolved into a powerhouse that redefines the way businesses navigate the complexities of a global workforce.

At the heart of Deel’s success are two visionary minds, Alex Bouaziz and Shuo Wang. As CEO and CRO respectively, Alex and Shuo bring their expertise and leadership to steer Deel’s mission of simplifying global hiring and payroll management.


using deel for your global payroll needs


What are the Global Payroll Services offered by Deel?

From calculating wages and salaries to ensuring compliance with local regulations, Deel provides a holistic solution that empowers businesses to manage their global workforce seamlessly. Here are the payroll features Deel can offer your startup.

Wage and Salary Calculation

Deel’s Global Payroll Services include accurate and efficient wage and salary calculations. With the ability to handle complex pay structures and varying payment frequencies, Deel ensures that employees are compensated correctly and on time, regardless of their location.

Employee Benefits and Deductions

Managing employee benefits and deductions can be a difficult process, especially when dealing with a globally dispersed team. 

Deel’s services encompass the management of these intricate aspects, guaranteeing that employees receive their entitled benefits while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Local Filing with Authorities

As a global payroll provider, Deel takes the responsibility of compliance with local authorities off your shoulders by handling the necessary local filings, keeping your business in good standing with regulatory bodies across different countries.

Tax Payments (Where Applicable)

Navigating tax regulations and making accurate tax payments can be a daunting task when dealing with an international workforce. Deel’s expertise extends to managing tax payments in accordance with local laws, ensuring that your business meets its tax obligations accurately and on time.

Payslip Creation and Delivery

Clear and transparent communication is key to maintaining a positive employer-employee relationship. 

The Global Payroll Services offered by Deel encompass the creation and delivery of detailed payslips, providing employees with a comprehensive breakdown of their earnings and deductions.

Compliant Onboarding and Offboarding

With Deel as your global payroll partner, you’re assured of compliant onboarding and offboarding processes. 

It also adheres to local regulations while facilitating seamless transitions for employees entering or leaving your organization.

Global Payroll Compliance Checklist

Staying compliant with various regulations across different countries can be a daunting task. Deel provides a comprehensive Global Payroll Compliance Checklist that serves as a guide to navigate the intricacies of compliance, ensuring that your business remains on the right side of the law in every jurisdiction it operates.

Benefits of Using Deel as your Global Payroll Partner

With a user-friendly platform and a plethora of benefits, Deel stands out as one of the best options for companies seeking to navigate the intricate ecosystem of global payroll management.

Running Payroll Seamlessly Across 100+ Countries

Deel offers a unique advantage by allowing you to run payroll in over 100 countries through a single, unified platform. This not only minimizes the administrative burden of dealing with local compliance, taxes, and benefits but also ensures a seamless and efficient payroll process that transcends geographical boundaries.

Guidance from In-House Payroll Experts

Navigating the nuances of local jurisdictions and setting up entities in different countries is difficult to comprehend, even for some experts. 

With Deel, you gain access to a team of advisors who are well-versed in the intricacies of payroll regulations across 100 countries. 

This expertise provides you with invaluable support, ensuring that you remain compliant with local laws and regulations while navigating the complexities of global payroll administration.

Responsive Support for Uninterrupted Operations

Deel offers a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) and 24/7 in-app support. Whether you need assistance with off-cycle payments or resolving any issues that may arise, Deel’s responsive support system guarantees that you have the resources you need to ensure smooth payroll operations. 

With an impressive 1.25-minute response time, according to Deel, you can count on swift solutions to keep your payroll processes running seamlessly.

A Holistic Payroll Experience

Going beyond traditional payroll services, Deel offers a comprehensive package that encompasses both payroll and HR management. From assisting with visa support to efficiently handling paid time off (PTO) and expenses, Deel simplifies the difficulties of global payroll management. 

This holistic approach ensures that you have a centralized platform to manage all aspects of your global workforce, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Empowering Decision-Making with Global Analytics

Deel global payroll analytics

Understanding the financial landscape of your global workforce is essential for effective decision-making. 

Deel’s global gross-to-net reports provide a clear and concise overview of your spending, allowing you to compare employer costs, taxes, bonuses, and more across different entities.

These insights are presented in a standard currency, facilitating comprehensive analysis and informed financial planning.

Streamlined Payroll Reports and Integrations

Currency discrepancies and payroll errors can be time-consuming to address. Deel’s unified view of all costs in your preferred currency helps consolidate these issues, ensuring accurate and error-free payroll cycles. 

Additionally, Deel offers seamless integrations with your existing HRIS or accounting software. This enables synchronization of vital data such as vacation days, salary details, and expenses, resulting in efficient and accurate payroll management.

Other Services by Deel besides Global Payroll

Besides their global payroll services, Deel offers a number of great products and services to help anyone, anywhere, hire, pay, and manage global talent, compliantly. Here are its other exceptional services.

  • Global hiring: A service that allows businesses to hire employees and contractors in over 150 countries, compliantly, through EOR.
  • HR: Deel provides a suite of HR tools, including compliant contracts, background checks, equipment, and more.
  • Compliance: With Deel, businesses are able to stay compliant with local employment laws in every country where they hire.
  • Perks and benefits: Deel helps its clients to offer a variety of perks and benefits to employees, including health insurance, paid time off, and parental leave.


Ready to simplify your global payroll and streamline your international operations? Sign up with Deel today and experience hassle-free payroll management tailored to your business needs.