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Remofirst Review: The Complete EOR, Global Payroll, and Compliance Solution for Global Firms

Remofirst: Employer of record & compliance for your global team

While the adoption of remote work is on the rise, handling a global team comes with its share of challenges. 

Meet Remofirst: a one-stop solution for managing remote teams worldwide. In this blog post, we break down Remofirst’s features, services, and why it’s a game-changer for businesses seeking seamless global payroll, EOR, Visa, and Compliance solutions

What is Remofirst

Remofirst global payroll, HR, and EOR

RemoFirst is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline the process of hiring and managing remote employees from around the world.

The platform aims to simplify the complexities of global workforce management, employer compliance, and payroll administration. Let’s delve into the features that RemoFirst offers:

Features of Remofirst

Remofirst - global payroll, EOR, compliance, and HR for remote teams

Remofirst offers a comprehensive suite of tools to tackle the complexities of international employment. 

Let’s dive into the key features that make Remofirst a go-to solution for businesses navigating the global talent landscape.

1. Employer of Record & Compliance

RemoFirst acts as an “Employer of Record” (EOR) in over 160 countries, and it’s the most comprehensive service that Remofirst offers. 

With EOR, Remofirst will hire your employees on your behalf and take care of all the legal and compliance requirements in the countries where they work. 

This includes things like setting up payroll, paying taxes, and providing benefits. Through their platform, they also calculate and manage various employee-related matters such as hours worked, time off, holidays, bonuses, and commissions. 

RemoFirst ensures smooth and timely payroll processing, offering flexibility to aggregate payments for better efficiency.

2. Global Payroll Solution 

One of RemoFirst’s main features is its ability to centralize global payroll. They hire full-time employees on behalf of businesses in multiple countries, avoiding the complexities and costs of setting up local entities. Moreover, they facilitate the management of international contractors, ensuring compliance with local regulations and facilitating payments in various currencies. This central platform simplifies payroll administration and offers a comprehensive view of workforce details.

3. International Contractor Management

RemoFirst simplifies the onboarding, management, and payment processes for international contractors across 160+ countries. Through their streamlined platform, businesses can automate administrative tasks, reduce compliance risks, and ensure timely payments. 

The platform also provides a centralized hub for managing contracts, expenses, and time-off, enhancing efficiency and transparency in contractor management.

4. RemoHealth

A part of the RemoFirst package is RemoHealth, a service that enables businesses to offer international private medical insurance to their global employees. Collaborating with The Unisure Group and insured by Guardrisk Insurance Company, RemoHealth ensures coverage in over 160 countries. 

This coverage includes benefits like worldwide emergency medical assistance, 24/7 multilingual support, and various health plan options tailored to individual needs.

RemoFirst goes the extra mile in supporting the well-being of global employees by offering a variety of comprehensive health plan options. These health plans ensure that employees in over 160 countries have access to quality healthcare coverage. Here are the available RemoHealth global health plan options:

  • RemoHealth Core: The Core Package serves as the foundation of the RemoHealth health plans. It provides essential in-patient benefits, covering elective and emergency treatments that require hospitalization. This package addresses crucial medical needs while offering peace of mind to employees across various countries.
  • RemoHealth Standard: Building upon the Core Package, the Standard Package expands coverage to include Serious Matters and Daily Matters. The Standard Package provides a more comprehensive healthcare solution for employees’ diverse medical needs.
  • RemoHealth Plus: The Plus Package takes healthcare coverage a step further by including Optics and Dental coverage on top of the Standard Package benefits. This package caters to employees’ visual and dental health needs, covering eye tests, dental check-ups, routine dental maintenance, and even support for new glasses and contact lenses.
  • RemoHealth Premium: The Premium Package encompasses all the benefits of the Plus Package and extends coverage to include Wellness Matters. This includes wellness screenings, preventative tests, treatment by psychologists, and complementary medicine practitioners.

5. Visa and Work Permits

RemoFirst assists businesses in obtaining the necessary visas and work permits for their employees in more than 65 countries. They simplify the often intricate visa application process, making it quicker and easier. 

Their team assesses eligibility, handles administration, and keeps businesses informed throughout the application process. This service alleviates the need for businesses to set up 

6. Equipment Provisioning

RemoFirst recognizes the importance of providing the right tools for remote employees to excel in their roles. To facilitate this, they offer equipment provisioning services. 

This involves sending essential items such as laptops, monitors, and other necessary equipment to your international team members on your behalf. By ensuring that employees have the resources they need, RemoFirst contributes to a seamless onboarding process and a productive remote work experience.

7. Equity, Bonuses, and More

Managing various aspects of compensation and benefits can be intricate, especially across different countries with varying regulations. RemoFirst steps in to handle these complexities. 

They manage requests for time off, facilitate the distribution of yearly bonuses, and ensure that financial benefits align with local laws and regulations. 

By taking care of these essential aspects, RemoFirst enhances the overall employee experience and enables businesses to provide fair and compliant compensation packages to their global team.

Why Choose RemoFirst?

RemoFirst offers a range of compelling reasons to choose their platform for managing a global workforce effectively. Here’s why you might want to consider RemoFirst for your international employment needs:

1. Dependable Support

RemoFirst prioritizes client support with a dedicated account manager assigned to each client. They offer 24/7 customer support, catering to both hiring managers and global employees. 

The platform’s embedded chat function enables direct communication with their team of experts, ensuring quick answers to questions related to benefits, visas, and other international employment matters.

2. Global HR Platform

Using RemoFirst brings convenience to workforce management. The platform automatically calculates various aspects such as hours, time off, holidays, bonuses, and commissions, all integrated into the payroll process. Additionally, compliance documentation is securely stored and accessible via the dashboard, simplifying international HR management.

3. Bulletproof Compliance

Avoiding compliance pitfalls is a top concern, and RemoFirst aims to minimize risks. By partnering with legal experts and HR professionals, they guide businesses in setting up proper practices from the beginning. 

This proactive approach helps prevent costly compliance mistakes, safeguard intellectual property, and stay ahead of changing regulations across the globe.

4. Country Guide

RemoFirst equips businesses with knowledge about the specific requirements of each country they serve. Their comprehensive country guides cover essential topics such as taxes, leave policies, benefits, and more. This valuable resource assists businesses in making informed decisions while navigating the complexities of hiring international talent.

Getting Started with RemoFirst

Starting your journey with RemoFirst is designed to be straightforward and efficient, involving just a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Remote Candidate: If you’ve identified a full-time employee or contractor located in a country where your company lacks incorporation, RemoFirst is here to assist. The first step is to start the employment process by identify your new talent.
  • Step 2: Cost Calculation: Share the details of your candidate with RemoFirst, and they will provide precise cost calculations for employing your candidate in that specific country. This transparency allows you to make informed decisions without surprises.
  • Step 3: Onboarding & Admin: Once you’ve provided the necessary information, RemoFirst takes charge of onboarding your new team member. They handle local compliance requirements and administrative tasks, freeing you from the hassle and ensuring a smooth transition.

Remofirst Pricing and Plans

RemoFirst stands out in the market with its competitive pricing and transparent approach to offering Employer of Record (EOR) and Global Payroll solutions, along with a range of additional services designed to cater to diverse business needs. 

Here’s an overview of RemoFirst’s pricing and plans:

1. Employer of Record pricing and plans 

Starting at just $199 per person per month, RemoFirst’s Employer of Record service provides a comprehensive package of benefits. This includes streamlined payroll management, tax filings, localized contract creation, HR guidance for onboarding and termination, expert assistance with local rules and regulations, and more. This plan simplifies the complexities of global workforce management and ensures compliance across various countries.

2. Contractors pricing and plans

RemoFirst offers a Contractors plan, starting at $19 per person per month. This plan facilitates the seamless onboarding of contractors, automates payment processing across 160+ countries and various currencies, and provides an efficient system for uploading and storing contracts. The Contractors plan enhances efficiency in managing your international contractor workforce.

3. RemoHealth pricing and plans 

For businesses looking to provide premium health insurance to their global employees, RemoHealth starts at $55 per person per month. This package includes medical, dental, and vision coverage, ensuring that your team members receive comprehensive health benefits no matter where they are located.